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Quality Care + Patient Safety
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Offering the highest level of

Quality Care + Patient Safety
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Root Canals
Aren’t What They
Used To Be

Just like technology changes, so has root canal treatment. Endodontics P.C. uses advanced technology provide options and improve outcomes. Your treatment plan may include the GentleWave™ procedure as an alternative to standard root canal treatments. And our Morita Cone Beam CT is used to produce three dimensional (3-D) images of your teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways and bone in a single scan.


“I had a root canal done at Dr. McConnell's office. He had me in and out in less than 2 hours. Prices were some of the fairest in Lincoln and he was very diligent about getting the job done. I would recommend to anyone who needs restorative work.”

Nathaniel Y.

“I have had several root canals. All but one have been performed by an endodontist. These root canals have been among the most painless and non-interruptive dental procedures I have ever had, including recent fillings.”

John E.

“It didn’t hurt as much as when other dentists did it. The pain is gone and I think it won’t be hurting any time soon. It didn’t hurt while the endodontist was working on it and he was very calming.”

Juan G.

“It was awesome. I didn’t feel any pain at all, which was really cool. It was like getting a long filling. As far as root canals go, it was awesome.”

Alisa N.

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There’s no need to be worried if your dentist or endodontist prescribes a root canal procedure to treat a damaged or diseased tooth.

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